What is Office Insider Program? Know Awesome Features

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What is Office Insider Program? The Office Insider program is Microsoft preview builds services which include upgraded version of Office application like Word, PowerPoints, Excel and Outlook. These builds serve new features for those who participate in Insider program, this is early access program, means any respective participant can enjoy these build before it actually launch publicly and its completely free, provided you already joined the program. Before that Microsoft shares preview builds of Windows 10 and 11 and after getting handsome response and feedback from their Insiders, they decided to launch Office Insider program too.

Prime motive of these builds is to provide users a new experience followed by there feedback to Microsoft. As these are in transition phase so you may witness some bugs, and if you want to undo your participation, you can opt-out of program. You’ll require a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family license subscription to install these builds. If you want to be a active participants of Office Insider here’s everything you need to know.

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What is Office Insider Program? Type of System and Application Supported

You can join the Insider-program by using a device based on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS Office. Review the system requirements for Microsoft 365 and those for specifically for Office Mobile apps. However, the supported application depend on your platform. The applications include PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Outlook, Access, Project and Visio.

  • Windows consist all applications[PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Outlook, Access, Project and Visio].
  • Mac consist all types of applications except for Access, Project, and Visio.
  • And, Android and iOS include all applications except for Access, Project, Outlook and Visio.

What are Different Levels?

There’s the Beta Channel level for those who want earliest access to new features. This channel provides you with the latest preview builds which are released frequently. It entertain those users who wants to offer feedback. The features are still in transition phase and the builds are unsupported.

This channel is for those who want stagnant builds, which provide less frequent updates. Unlike Beta version these builds are well supported and it releasing pattern is once or twice a month. iPhone users are not allow to use this Channel. However, users of Windows and Macs able to access both Channels.

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How to Join Insider Program from Windows 10 or 11

If you are Joining the Office Insider program from your Window device then Microsoft 365 Family subscription is mandatory. Now follow the instruction given below.

Open Office and select File > Account. Affirm that ‘Microsoft 365’ displays just below Subscription Product on the left.


Participants can Choose to switch between the given two programs just by opening any Office application, such as Excel or Word. Tap on ‘Office Insider’, 3 sub-options appear on your screen select ‘Join Office Insider’


After selecting Office Insider, Microsoft present a terms of their service form, seeking agreement of using their participants data for their further previews builds. Now its time to choose your intended builds levels – Beta or Current Channel. After selecting your builds a User Account Control system appear on your screen, Click OK/YES. Head out from the system and you’ll receive confirmation notification that’ you are now participant of Office Insider Program all you need to restart your system.

How to Join Office Insider Program on MAC

Woefully, Macs now also need to have an Office 365 subscription in order to join the Office Insider program. After clinging subscription, open Office on your device and click on Help tag, navigate Check for Updates option and tap on it, updates prompt if any. You can also select automatic update for your convenience just by ticking left box on ‘Automatically keep Microsoft Apps. Unlike iOS device you have option for both the Channels, choose accordingly.


Afterwards they’ll asked for license agreement reviewing, after review hit checkbox to stimulate necessary downloads and install new updates if any. Lastly click Accept and go for Check for Updates in order to get any updated files.


How to Join Office Insider Program on Android

If you are using Android device, you’ll need to visit the Office Insider program page and install the preview builds one-by-one as per your requirement. Joining Office Insider program on Android device necessitate some different steps either you join Current Channel Program or the Beta channel program, however Beta Channel is reserved for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint only for now. You will find the required application on Play store.

Afterward you are automatically redirected and join your phone to the Insider program, as we told you before you can always opt-out just by clicking on installation page. You’ll have to be patience to receive preview builds until your participation is checked and approved by Insider community.

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On the contrary if you want a stagnant Channel with minimal updates you can join Beta Channel, for that you’ll need to join the Beta WXP group. Click the button to join the group. Wait for few hours, and you’ll soon getting Beta Channel builds.

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How to Join Office Insider Program on iOS

There is some limitation for iOS device user, they’ll be offer only one Channel which is Beta Channel. To join you have to install respective application manually then you’ll ask for install TestFlight if you haven’t. For regulars updates, hit the toggle to enable automatic updates, below App Information. In iOS device these builds are valid for only 90 days, if you don’t upgrade them on regular intervals, you’ll be kick out of the program.

For each app, click Join the Beta > Start testing > Accept > Install.

These are the some ways you can join ‘Office Insider Program’ and enjoy nifty latest features of Office applications, don’t forget these build are yet to release full-fledge. We hope you liked our guide on this article has given you answer to your question. If so then keep following us daily as we are on a mission to solve most difficult human problems. So stay tuned with us for more tips and tricks. Chao!

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