Samsung S22 Ultra- THE BEST

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Samsung S22 Ultra – THE BEST

So here is the latest scoop Samsung’s next big thing, the Samsung S22 Ultra is back in the leagues and we’ve got some fresh new leaks coming. Also why are south Korean sources spilling the beans regarding Samsung’s big controversial decision but before we get into that Samsung’s best shot has finally arrived this year. Samsung has a golden chance to surpass or level apple once and for all the next flagship apple chip the A15 is reportedly going into mass production very soon.

Samsung S22 Ultra – level up with Apple A14 chip

According to the reports it’s still going to be based on a five nanometer architecture and it’s expected to be only five percent faster than apple A14 from last year. This is truly Samsung’s golden chance to surpass apple, we have already seen the early alleged benchmarks of Samsung X AMD GPUs surpassing apple A14 comfortably in some GPU based benchmarks.

Again considering how little improvement A15 is bringing, this is definitely Samsung’s best opportunity. Apple has been on the top of smartphone chip game ever since they released the iphone 5s with the first 64-bit apple a7 chip. Since then they have kept their lead but this time things are different it’s not just Samsung AMD is also joining the fun so in our opinion there’s never been a better time if anyone can do it it’s Samsung and AMD.

Samsung S22 Ultra

Samsung S22 Ultra Camera

Now coming back to the Korean report, Samsung may have taken a controversial decision regarding the camera of the galaxy S22. Samsung has reportedly decided not to use a time-of-flight sensor on its next flagship phone, one of the insider mentions that the reason behind this move could be because Samsung doesn’t see any major advantage of using a time-of-flight sensor.

Even though they just announced a groundbreaking time-of-flight sensor back in November 2020. The ISO cell Vision 33d sensor which is very similar to apple’s lidar sensor they’re supposed to make the autofocus faster especially in low light conditions, enhance the AR/VR capabilities and improve the bokeh with the portrait mode and even the portrait video mode.

Despite Samsung literally announcing this it’s actually pretty surprising that they’re not using it on their own smartphone. In fact the report says that Samsung will offer this to other brands. Now apple as we know they’re still going to bring their sensor on the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup because of the lidar sensor the new iPhone 12 pro series can do night mode with portrait mode something that the S21 ultra cannot do.

Samsung collaboration with Olympus

Let’s see if Samsung decides to change their mind in the future but as of now they’re not too sure about the lens and they’re probably going to rely on the main camera and their software algorithm. They will make no mistake, Galaxy S22 ultra will bring huge camera gains, there’s a reason why Samsung the company who just made the world’s biggest smartphone sensor. They’re collaborating with an actual camera brand named Olympus.

Samsung is definitely not doing this for cloud or anything unlike some other brands there’s definitely some meaningful motive behind this and we’re soon going to see on the next flagship galaxy s phone. And just to remind you that Samsung is working hard to put the under screen camera on the galaxy z4. this obviously means that next year’s galaxy s22 series and even the note 22 series will get an under display camera treatment.

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