Microsoft Discord coming along for a deal acquisition of $10 billion plus – Bloomberg Reports

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Microsoft Discord is said to be in talks for a big acquisition, Discord, a a popular gaming chat software company for more than $10 billion, according to Bloomberg report. This deal is performed for Xbox division and its chief Phil Spencer is rumored to be in discussion with Discord leadership about this deal.

VentureBeat also hinted at the deal between Microsoft and Discord for a whopping and biggest deal between two giants, a $10 billion plus deal. There are many rumored buys who showed their interest in this deal however this deal seems to be set between Microsoft and Discord after multiple attempts. Bloomberg suggesting a deal is close to near, but isn’t imminent, but, with Discord would like to focus more on public announcement than an acquisition as discussion is private and this information can not be disclosed soon. Both, Microsoft and Discord leadership stayed away from any announcement in the matter, it seems a confidential deal and may be informed later.

Bloomberg, also mentioned that a deal between Amazon and Discord was also in talks however things could not be materialized between the two.


Bethesda Xbox coming along is a great news

Discord rose to high in recent times due to its gaming support and it has over 139 million monthly footfalls and it is said to have made over #131 million of revenue in the past year according to The Wall Street Journal recently reported. However the company says it is still not earning much, as per its last valuation of $7 billion after it received funding from investors in the last quarter for $100 million. Discord’s software and support is free for many users, however Discord makes money by monthly membership of $9.99 as it sells Nitro subscriptions to its users which offers some features that free users lacks like high resolution screen-sharing, long video upload limits, additional stickers packed with the plan.

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