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iPhone 13C: Will it be there in Apple Event 2021 this season?

iPhone 13C

iPhone 13C
Image Credit: Applesfresh Instagram

Like, everyone is waiting for Apple Event 2021 which is slated to happen in mid of September this year. Big Techies/enthusiasts are spending a lot of time on their research, trying to find out what is there on stage for Apple lovers.

iPhone 13C in Apple Event 2021

Apple’s most awaited festival season is happening this time and the September event is popular for iPhone launches only and the entire world waits eagerly for this event. Apple seems to be launching iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3, new Macbook Pros, iPad mini 6, and iPad 9. All these gadgets will be available to you by the year-end as we expect few devices available to be delayed due to low production in the factory.

However, there are rumors also that Apple may come up with iPhone 13C as well however we are not confident about it as we are not expecting this to be unveiled in the Sept event but nothing could be surely said, Apple may unveil this as well or maybe the first stage next year in 2022.

iPhone 13C
Image Credit: Applesfresh Instagram

iPhone 13C expected specifications

  • iPhone 13C will have a similar form factor as iPhone 13 and 13 however sides could be curved a bit and the back could be made of polycarbonate.
  • Can have 5 differnt color options.
  • Smaller notch on all color models.
  • Smaller notch on all color models.
  • Similar A15 Bionic chip
  • iPhone 13 5G capability.
  • Astrophotography feature and portrait mode video
  • Dynamic 90/120Hz refresh rates
  • Always-on display.
  • Satellite communications capability for emergency texts (not sure about this though)
  • Improved ultrawide lens for better video capturing and photo shoots.
  • May have smaller batter than iPhone 13 models

iPhone 13C expected price

iPhone 13C price will be lesser than the iPhone 13 price which could be around 10-20% less than the actual price of iPhone 13. As far as we know and may expect, iPhone 13 will cost around $799 to $1099 for Pro models. Apple tries to maintain the price of its models very close to their predecessors.

These were all the details that we garnered regarding this smartphone however let’s keep our eyes on the upcoming Apple Event 2021 which will finally happen very soon.

Stay tuned with us.

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