How to turn off Power Button Ends Call iPhone 2022

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How to turn off Power Button Ends Call iPhone 2022: If you are wondering for a solution of side button that disconnects the phone calls whenever you are on call then you are at the right place. It is a default disturbance in iPhone that disconnects phone calls. We understand how annoying it can be when you are on a call with your friends/family or anyone and the call disconnects abruptly. It is highly disturbing and problematic and turning off power button ends call iPhone 2022 is solved here.

Lock key can be pressed by anyone unintentionally when you are talking to someone on iPhone, thus ending the call abruptly. But don’t worry, we have highlighted the solution below that will get rid of this problem and make your life super easy. iOS has a feature that will help in solving this problem of ending the calls with lock key.

Keep reading this article further as we are providing step by step guidance to turn off power button ends call on iPhone 2022.

It can be suitable for few people as they can end the call with power button however most of the people find it inconvenient due to unintentional power button press. iOS has so many features that you may not know and one of the feature of iOS will help you get rid of this issue (turning off power button ends call iPhone 2022 is solved here.).

Power Button Ends Call iPhone 2022

To stop this problem, you can go to settings to end this call feature that ends the call on iPhone. If you don’t see the below feature then you should update your iOS to latest update and you will see this option. Normally, it is available in all devices that has iOS.

Disable Lock to End Call on iPhone om iOS 16, 15, 14

You can switch off ending calls with the Power button on your iPhone by going to accessibility settings. Please follow these steps below:

  • Go Settings on your iPhone.
  • Move down and tap on accessibility.
  • Tap on Touch.
image 1
  • On the next screen, disable the toggle for Lock to End Call.

Woohoo.. Now, your phone calls with not end when you press the side button on your iPhone however it will mute the ringer sound when you press it. (Turning off power button ends call iPhone 2022 is solved here.)

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How to end calls when “Lock to End Call” is disabled

Side button can also be used to end the call or reject the calls using default functionality on iPhone. When “Lock to End Call” is turned off, it will mute all incoming calls and will also do same with the lock screen when the call is going on. We have remedy for this as well as below.

Follow steps

  • Long press the Volume button + Power Key (same time)

How to mute incoming calls on iPhone

If you want your iPhone to keep muted while receiving an incoming call and do not want to reject the call then we have all steps that you can follow as mentioned below. This will help you at times when you don’t want to reject a call rather silencing your phone so that you can call back later after seeing the notification.

  • Press the Side button (it will work when the Lock to End call is disabled).
  • Swipe up from the bottom to minimize and mute the incoming call screen.
  • Tap on either the volume buttons while your iPhone is ringing to silence calls.

We hope you found the solution that you were looking for and this guide has helped you to avoid end or disconnect the calls on your iPhone mobile. If you liked the above content then keep following us daily and keep sharing. Chao..

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