How to Turn Off or Change Keyboard Sound on iPhone, Android for Free

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How to Turn Off or Change Keyboard Sound on iPhone, Android. Initially, Keyboard press sounds fun and satisfying but as time goes it became annoying especially when you are at silent place or using phone late night. However some fellas like the ticking sound but they need some interesting amends, so if you in search of how to turn off or want some cool changes in your respective keyboard, stay with us through out the read. In this read, we illustrate different methods so that you guys can know how to turn off or change keypress sound on iPhone and Android with ease.

How to Turn Off or Change Keyboard Sound on iPhone, Android

Steps how to Change Keyboard Sound in iPhone

If you’re fed up from ‘ticking’ sound of your keyboard on your iPhone and wish to turn it off, here the steps you can do so.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on ‘Sounds and Haptics’.
  • Stretch down to the bottom to select ‘Keyboard Clicks’ from slew of option.
  • Now you can toggle it ‘OFF or ON’ based on your preference for keypress sounds on the iPhone.
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There in no option provided in iPhone that support sound customization to keypress action natively. However, you can take assistance from third-party keyboards to set unique keypress sounds on you device.

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Steps how to Use Third-Party application to Change Keyboard Sound in iPhone

If you’re done listening to the default keypress sounds on your device’s keyboard, you can juice up things up by trying free third-party keyboard application like Microsoft’s Swiftkey, this keyboard is one of the popular keyboard application in the domain that offer custom keypress tones to provide an interesting typing experience.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard (Works on Android and iOS). This keyboard is one of the most popular substitute to the Gboard which is completely free on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Here’s the steps you can add interesting keypress sounds

  • Install the SwiftKey Keyboard application and follow the instructions and enable keyboard.
image 17

  • After enabling keyboard, tap on ‘Sound and Vibration’ and turn on the toggle ‘Keypress Sound Volume‘. You can also shift the slider to increase the keypress volume.
image 18
  • If you want to switch to a different keypress sound, tap on ‘Keypress Sound Profile’ and choose from the pre-available options.
image 19
  • Similarly, you can set a custom vibration intensity by turning off the default vibration toggle and enabling the Keypress Vibration.
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Steps how to Change Keyboard Sound in Android device

You can find pre-installed Google’s smart Gboard almost in all Android phones, which serves nifty features for inputting the device. All the more Gboard allows you to customize or toggle the keypress sound to your preference. Here’s are the few steps you can configure the same.

  • Open the Settings and type ‘Gboard‘ in search space and select its personalization settings.
image 21
  • Now, tap on ‘Preferences’ and stretch down to locate the Keypress Section.
  • Toggle the ‘Sound on Keypress‘ option in order to enable or disable keyboard ticking.
  • You can also manipulate the intensity of keyboard sound through the ‘Volume on Keypress‘ option and set it to your desired volume intensity.
image 22
  • On top of that, you can also configure vibration intensity by tapping on the ‘Vibration Strength’ on Keypress option.

Steps how to Change Keyboard Sound in Samsung devices[Android]

  • Launch the Settings in your Samsung device and tap on ‘Sounds and Vibration’.
  • Now, Tap on the ‘System Sound/Vibration Control‘ option to in order to turn ‘OFF or ON the keyboard sound on your Samsung phone.
  • To enable or disable keypress sound, toggle on/off the Samsung Keyboard option under the sound section.
  • Alternatively, if you want to experience some interesting sounds, tap on ‘System Sound’ a list of different tones appear on your screen, you can allow to pick any change you want. However, current setting applies to the entire system, including the Samsung keyboard, phone keypad, touch interactions, and system notifications.
sam last

Temporarily Turn off Keyboard Sound by Using Alert Sliders

There is no steps needed in this, smartphone companies such as Apple and OnePlus, provide a nifty hardware toggle [Slider] to silence all types of sound including keyboard sound on their device. This is the quickest way to disable keyboard sound, you can utilize this toggle to temporarily silence the keypress sound if you’re annoyed at it.

Enjoy your Typing Experience

That’s all the 4 ways you can turn off or change keyboard sound on your iPhone and Android device. Now its time to taste new experience in typing and don’t forget to show off this cool feature with your friends and family and share this read with them too.

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