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How to transfer Whatsapp Data History From iPhone To Android

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Samsung Phone, step by step guide to transfer data from iPhone to android device.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data

How To Transfer Whatsapp Data History From IPhone To Android

Good news for those who are moving from an iPhone to Android devices and one major block that everyone feels bad about is that they can not move iPhone Whatsapp chat history to an android device but this has been solved now and WhatApp brought this feature in their application. Now we can move our WhatsApp chat history from an iOS device to an Android device. 

We share step by step process with you how you can do that. This is specific to Samsung devices as of now.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Samsung Phone

If you’re giving up on an iPhone and moving to a Samsung Android smartphone, you can transfer your WhatsApp details, profile photos, chats, group chats, media, and settings. You cannot transfer your call history or your name (display name) accessible to your contacts on WhatsApp.

To transfer WhatsApp data:

  • The Samsung SmartSwitch app or higher must be setup on your new device
  • Your old handset must have WhatsApp with iOS or higher
  • Your new handset must have WhatsApp running Android or higher
  • You must have a USB-C to Lightning cable (or a similar adapter)
  • Phone number must be same as you were using in your old device.
  • Your Android device must be reset to factory settings.

How to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Samsung device

  1. First, switch on your Samsung device and when asked, connect to iPhone via cable.
  2. Follow onscreen instructions, available thru the Samsung Smart Switch app.
  3. When popped up, scan the QR code shown on the new device with the iPhone’s camera .
  4. click on get started on your iPhone and hold on for the process to finish.
  5. Continue with the set up of a new Samsung device.
  6. Once you see the home screen, open WhatsApp and use the same number to login.
  7. When requestd, tap Import and let the process to finish.
  8. When your new device is activated, you can see your WhatsApp chats.

Note: The data in your old phone is still available until you scrap it or WhatsApp.

What will happen to my data?

To transfer data via cable means:

  • WhatsApp does not save data in cloud storage. (If you wish, you can send this information to your cloud storage location via Chat Backup).
  • WhatsApp never have access to the data that you are transfering.

Which messages can be transferred to a new phone?

You can transfer these messages:

  • private message

You can’t transfer the following messages:

  • Peer-to-peer payment messaging

Can call history be transferred?

No, Your WhatsApp call history cannot be moved from iPhone to a Samsung device.


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