How to set up Gmail account in less than one minutes in 2022

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How to set up Gmail account in less than one minutes: Setting up a Gmail account is super easy and almost every one in this world is using Gmail today. Gmail account is not only free to setup however most users use it for their personal and professional services too. It is the biggest network in the world which SMTP setup. You will be able to setup your Gmail account in less than a minute if you follow below steps carefully. So do not miss any steps mentioned below and read the entire article carefully.

You can have unlimited google accounts and google provides those services free to each user. So don’t get confused by the term Google account or Gmail account as they both mean the same and Google is their company. Here are the steps how to setup a Gmail account yourself.

set up gmail account

How to set up Gmail account (desktop and mobile)

  • Go to google and type create a Gmail account.
  • Follow the link mentioned there.
  • You will see the screen as mentioned below
image 2
  • Type in your first name, last name and create your unique user name.
  • Confirm your password and move to next step.
image 3
  • On next screen, provide your phone no, recovery email address (if any), date of birth and gender and click next.
  • Click agree button on the next screen and woohoo, you are set to go.
  • You will see a welcome screen once your account is created.

image 4

You can check your email on Gmail and you will see a welcome email from Google like this.

image 5

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Once all this is done, your account is setup and ready to go.

Gmail serves is has been around since 2004 and Google is very creative in the type of services that they provide to each individual.

It is always best to provide your recovery email and phone no while setting up your Gmail account however if you don’t have a phone no or recovery email then you can use them later. This is an optional requirement and does not really need while setting up a Gmail account.

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