How do I create a Google Ads account with/without a website?

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How do I create a Google Ads account with/without a website? In this article, you will learn to setup a google ads account and you will understand both scenario when you need a website and when you don’t need a website. Also, you will see steps to create a google ads account for the first time as a beginner.

How do I create a Google Ads account with/without a website?

For years, there hasn’t really been a way to promote your company online without having a website to send customers to a certain place. I have been hearing you asking a lot about this, “Why would you want to do that?” However, even if you have a very small bakery and don’t currently need a website, you still want to appear when people search for “bakery in California.”

You had to only rely on other forms of advertising up until this point. It’s a catch-22 when your small business is expanding consistently and may be well-known locally through word of mouth, but you aren’t in a position to launch a website due to money it involves.

Google Adwords Express can help in this situation. Let’s talk about it in detail below.

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How do I create a Google Ads account

How can Google Adwords Express help you?

Adwords Express is the place to go if you want to advertise on Google without having a website. This service is essentially Google Ads, except it is intended for people who have never managed a successful ad campaign. Adwords Express can be the best option for you if you lack the confidence to regularly check and modify google ads settings.

This approach is completely automated, in contrast to standard Adwords; the only initial setup is all required. After selecting your budget, including a product, and writing your advertisement, you’re done! From that point forward, Google’s computerized processes take over.

Adwords Express definitely has a place with individuals who are less experienced, despite the fact that some paid search experts may snicker to themselves when they see it. It makes perfect sense to employ this technique if you’re completely new to the internet advertising market or if you simply don’t have the time to manage ads.

You actually don’t need a website

You can now direct users to destinations other than those on your own website, thanks to the new advertising tool Google has introduced for us. For instance, you may point visitors to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, or Google Places page.

Google Places is a business listing tool that you may use to add contact information, opening hours, images, and reviews for your business if you haven’t used it previously. It is the typical information tool that appears on search results anytime you look up for a company or brand. You can visit the Google Places page for the Media Lounge to see a demonstration.

The amount of smartphone searches being done makes this service more exciting. Approximately 20% of Google queries at this time are localized. This number is increasing as an increasing number of individuals use cellphones to conduct searches while on the go. According to recent data from 2016, mobile devices were used for about 34% of the time that British users spend shopping online.

Let’s know how it works

AdWords Express only supports local searches and enables you to promote your company on Google Maps or the primary Google Search results page. You just need to construct your advertisements and select your business niche because it functions in the same way as Google AdWords.

It’s crucial to comprehend search terms, long-tail phrases, and the ones for which you will get results in order to select the niche that will work best for your campaign. You can check how popular certain keywords or long-tail phrases are as well as how many people search for them each month. When choosing your niche, it’s crucial to take into account where you want to occupy the market because you won’t be able to compete with larger companies for broad terms.

How to setup Adwords Express?

AdWords Express is intended to be straightforward and simple to set up. Without any prior experience or expertise of online advertising, you may get started right now. You must perform the following steps to set up your ads:

You can save time by selecting a category that best fits your company because Adwords Express will handle all the keyword research for you. In order to ensure that your conversion rate rises over time, it also manages your campaigns for you and automatically optimizes your advertisements.

Why should you Use Adwords Express?

Fortunately, the entire system is relatively easy to set up and use. Google claims that you can launch your campaign in just 15 minutes. Adwords Express can be really useful if you don’t have a lot of time.

In addition to having an absurdly quick setup time, this system requires no continuing management. You don’t need to compose ads, select landing pages, conduct keyword research, or adjust bidding restrictions because Google will take care of everything for you. While some may view this negatively, it’s actually very beneficial for firms with little time.

Finally, the entry point is really low. No prior PPC or Google Adwords experience is necessary, so it may be used by any business owner, anywhere. In light of the fact that you will be allocating money for these advertisements, you may want to spend some time getting familiar with the system. Here is Google’s starting point guidance.

What if you need a website to use Google Ads?

Let’s know about a situation if you can not create a ad campaign without a website. Let’s just throw some light on this aspect as well.

The answer is categorically not, to put it briefly. You must have a website if Google is directing people to a certain place as a result of a campaign you are running. In such case, you must have websites.

Only with Google Ads, call ads do you not require a website per se but still need to have an internet presence. As a result, when someone clicks on your call advertisement, your phone number is called.

The user who clicks on the advertisement, doesn’t get to your website. In such instance, you technically do not need to have a website or an online presence, but you do need to have one for verification.

Therefore, your landing page must include the phone number you entered into your Google Ads account or the call extensions. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t necessarily need to have a nice website. All you need is a picture.

For Google Ads to validate your landing page, your title, a logo, and a number would be sufficient. Therefore, you need a verification URL for call advertisements before Google will check your landing page and confirm that the same number is present there before approving your ads.

If there are no numbers or the erroneous number on your website, the call advertising will undoubtedly not be allowed. But if you want to run Google Ads campaigns for display search ads, YouTube advertisements, or video ads, you must have a website.

So we understood both ways, one to create a google ads account without a website and other to create a google ads account with a website. Now let’s quickly learn to setup a google ads account.

How to setup a Google Ads Account

It is simple to get caught into utilizing Google’s setup process when creating a new Google Ads account. This does not always indicate a desirable situation because:

As part of the initial account setup process, you will likely be required to build your first campaign. This campaign is likely to be a Smart Campaign, which means you won’t have access to several crucial options and will have considerably less control over where and when your advertisements display.

Fortunately, it is possible to set up a new Google Ads account without simultaneously creating a campaign.

Have an Email Address

  • Click the blue Start Now button on the Google Ads website. Your email address will be required.
  • Use the email address you currently use to access your Google account (such as your Gmail address)
  • Then click Next and enter your password.
  • Click the Create Account link, select the Myself option
  • Adhere to the directions to create and confirm your new Google Account if you don’t already have one.

image 8

Switch to Expert Mode

The next question is: What is your advertising goal?

Select the “Switch to Expert Mode” link at the bottom of the screen instead of ignoring these choices.

image 9

You can ignore Campaign Creation step

What kind of campaign you wish to build will now be asked of you. Ignore every choice and select “Create an account without a campaign” from the list at the bottom of the screen.

image 10

Choose Your Regional Settings

On the following screen, confirm that the timezone and billing currency selections are accurate, make any necessary changes, and then click Submit.

image 11

Setup Billing for Google Ads

Your new Google Ads account will now be displayed to you. The last step is to proceed to the top menu bar, click Settings, then Billing, and then enter your billing address and payment information. I advise choosing post-pay billing over pre-pay billing and paying with a credit/debit card rather than a direct debit. It may take a few days for the latter to be approved, during which time your advertisements cannot appear.

image 12

After completing all of these steps, your Google Ads account will be empty and ready for you to start building your first campaign.

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