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Google Search Console Video Index Report: Google has been informing us about its new search console update and have been telling us that Google will start rolling out video index report within Google search console a month ago.

Now, Google has started rolling out this update and many websites have seen the report in their search console and if there are any, who have not yet received it then it will receive it very soon. Even if it’s live, you might still not see it because Google will only show it to you if your website has videos.

Google Search Console Video Index Report

Google Search Console Video Index Report

Google wrote “We have completed the roll out of the Search Console Video index report – if Google detects videos on your site, this report will appear on the left navigation bar in the coverage section. We hope this will help you understand how your videos perform on Search!”

Once more thing, if Google discovers videos on your website, it will show a new “Video indexing report” in the coverage section of Google Search Console which is available on left navigation bar. The indexing report displays the current state of a website’s video indexing. The report tell you many aspects about your website using the following queries:

  • It tells you no of pages Google has identified a video.
  • Videos that have been indexed successfully and not indexed.
  • The best part is that it tells you the reason why videos are not indexed.
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Per coverage report (Google Search Console Video Index Report), you can use the new report to find a solution and monitor how your video pages can be modified to get it indexed in the Google Search index.

The video indexing report displays the number of indexed pages on your website that contain one or more videos as well as the likelihood that a video will be indexed on each of those pages. The following details are displayed in the report:

  • Invalid video URL
  • Unsupported video format
  • Unknown video format
  • No thumbnail URL provided
  • Unsupported thumbnail format
  • Invalid thumbnail size
  • Thumbnail blocked by robots.txt
  • Thumbnail is transparent
  • Thumbnail is missing or invalid
  • Invalid thumbnail
  • Thumbnail could not be reached
  • No prominent videos on page
  • Cannot determine video position and size
  • Video too large or too small
  • MRSS failure; try using schema.org instead
  • Video not processed
  • Video not processed yet
  • Video not found on host service

As we said earlier, the URL Inspection tool now checks for a video indexing status of a page as well in Google Search Console Video Index Report. Please note that only the standard version of the tool functions; the live URL inspection tool does not.

If Google found a video on a page when you inspect it, the following will appear in the search results:

  • Information like the URLs for the thumbnail and the video.
  • The page status indicates whether or not the video has been indexed.
  • Issues that prohibit the video from being indexed are listed.

YouTube Video Embedded Error in Google Search Console Video Index Report

If you are embedding a YouTube video then it will not get indexed because it is not hosted on the hosting page. As you have embedded a YouTube video on your page then you will receive below errors on your website in Google Search Console Video Index Report. We have got few errors as well on our website and pasting the snapshot below for your considerations. Here are few examples

image 14

We hope you found this article useful and you completely know what is Google Search Console Video Index Report and how to use this report. Follow us daily on google news for latest update on all google tools.

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