Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 26 July 2021 – Win Prizes

Flipkart daily trivia

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 26 July 2021 – Win Prizes

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz is Live now, go ahead and play. You can hop on to the quiz and check the Flipkart Daily Trivia Play and win awesome Vouchers, Gems & More. If You are looking for fast and correct Flipkart quiz answers then you are on the right blog and here are all 5 correct answers to The Quiz.


  • Total Prizes: 1 Lakh + Prizes
  • Quiz Prizes: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes
  • Available on: Flipkart Game
  • Date & Time: 00:00 AM to 00:30 PM
  • Winner Announcement: Immediately

How to Play Flipkart Quiz

1.. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign in to the Flipkart App.

3. Open Games Section in the app & Find Daily Trivia Contest

4. There will be a total of 5 questions

5. Answer all Daily Trivia Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 26 July 2021

Q1: Which dynasty’s founder’s principal advisor was Chanakya, the author of the Artha shashtra?

Answer 1: Maurya

Q2: In 1952, which scientist refused the request to become the President of Israel?

Answer 2: Albert Einstein

Q3: Which fruit’s name comes from the Latin for ‘seeded apple’?

Answer 3: Pomegranate

Q4: Which city was made the summer capital of British India by John Lawrence in 1864?

Answer 4: Shimla

Q5: Which part of the human body has the thinnest skin?

Answer 5: Eyelids

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