Fix Missing Field ThumbnailUrl Google Search Console Error

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Fix Missing Field ThumbnailUrl Google Search Console Error

So, friends, you must have seen or come across ever this error of ‘Missing Field ThumbnailUrl‘ that will come when you write a new post and try to index that post in the google search console.

We will tell you how to fix it and fixing this error is really simple. Please follow the steps below.

What error do you get in the search console?


If you check your post feature image section, then you will find ‘no image’ there. And this is the reason why this error is occurring. Once you set the feature image then this error will go.

image 1

Fix Missing Field ThumbnailUrl Rankmath

If you are using rank math SEO then you will find the missing featured images as it pulls images from the post featured image tab and that’s the reason this error is coming and setting up the featured image will fix it completely.

image 2


After setting up the featured image, if you try to index the same post again then you will see all green checks and this error will go. Watch this video if you still feel you need detailed information and step by step guide.

image 3

All Green Checks

Watch this video too

Please watch this video if you still have doubts about the above article, this video will guide you step by step and will help you.

We hope you got what you were looking for and were able to fix it. If this solved your problem then keep checking our other WordPress tutorials here and also subscribe to our youtube channel. Happy learning.

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