Warning For Apple iPhone Users

Millions of Apple iPhone users are at Risk due to These Fatal Issues

Warning For Apple iPhone Users: Your Phone Risks Hacking
“It looks like a Lightning cable, it works like a Lightning cable. But it is actually a malicious cable that can record everything I type, including passwords, and wirelessly send that data to a hacker who could be more than a mile away,” warns Vice. 

Whatsapp Chat History Transfer

Whatsapp chat history transfer from iPhone to Samsung is now live

Whatsapp Chat History Transfer From IPhone To Samsung Is Now Live – And the Super good news is that this feature is now live, so if you own a Samsung device running an Android 10 or 11, you can easily transfer WhatsApp chat data from an iPhone device to your device. 

apple launch event

Apple Launch Event 2021 will occur in Early September – says Digitimes

Apple Launch Event will occur in Early September – says Digitimes
Hey Champs, excited for Apple events this year ?? We know, due to pandemics, we suffered a lot last year but now Apple has scheduled various events happening in early September. Hopefully, this time around, we will not see separate events for different products scheduled separately, rather, there is expected to be one event where Apple will unveil its magic box. – source DigiTimes.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy contradicts with Indian IT Laws, Indian Govt in Court

The Indian Central Govt on Monday went to Delhi High Court after it reviewed the whatsapp new privacy policy and it found the new policy is contradicting Indian IT law as violation of the Indian Information Technology (IT) legislation and guidelines, and asked details from the social media platform to confirm whether or not it was identical or not.

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