Billie Eilish flaunts Blonde Hair in a stunning Transformation shared on Instagram

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A new era begins for Billie eilish. On Wednesday, Billie Eilish showed her new hair look on social media with the tag “pinch me” and fans are getting crazy about it.

Photo Credit – Billie Eilish Instagram

As the news was viral on social media, her Instagram post received huge support from her fans and it got over 17 million likes till now from her fan following of 78.3 millions within the hours of posting the pics of her latest hair look, and she captioned it, “pinch me.”

Billie Eilish “Pinch Me”

“Pinch me.” Yes, Billie captioned a selfie photo with her new look on Instagram on March 17 and she looks extremely gorgeous after this look, is considered fun moment for her fans. Singer tipped her fans on her Instagram by asking everyone to guess the color “can you guess what color?” before revealing her new blonde density of hair. Fans were shocked as well as stunned but they were all in love with her new look. This one selfie garnered 12 million likes in first 5 hours but this short video clip hinted that she will usually get popular green and black look. The clip shows her smiling as she is on a hair toss and everyone kept guessing. She was wearing white cardigan despite of her blonde looks and rather than her go-to baggy duds. We love her and her new hair look, although the timing hammers questions on our heads of all the days to ditch that iconic green hair.

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