Bethesda Xbox coming along is a great news

Bethesda Xbox coming along on March 12 as announced after Microsoft tookover Bethesda Recently. So the company is now planning to roll out 20 existing games that will go on Xbox Game Pass – including Apocalypse, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, starting 12 March 2021.

According to Microsoft, Bethesda’s 16 titles will also be available on Xbox, PC, and Xloud, and some of them will also “gain from FPS boost over XPS C / S”. In other words, a handful of games will offer frame rate improvements through Xbox’s new FPS Boost.

we have a Guide on how it works, But essentially, FPS Boost is a clever technology that doubles the frame rate of existing Xbox One games to play on Xbox Xbox X / S. It is implemented at the system level by Xbox, so a developer is not required to change or recreate its game. To take advantage of the feature you will need a 60 Hz or 120 Hz TV respectively.

otherwise also, Here is a complete list Xbox Game Pass as well as 20 Bethesda games coming to the platform, where they will be playable:

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12 March 2021

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Console and PC
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Console and PC
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition – Console, PC, and Cloud
the Elder Scrolls Online – Cloud and Console
Devil inside – Console, PC, and Cloud
Result 4 – Console, PC, and Cloud
Result 76 – Console, PC, and Cloud

Cheater fixed version – Console, PC, and Cloud
Dishonesty 2 – Console, PC, and Cloud
Apocalypse (1993) – Console, PC, and Cloud
Doom II – Console, PC, and Cloud
Doom 3 – Console, PC, and Cloud
Doom 4 – Console, PC, and Cloud
Doom eternal – Console, PC, and Cloud

fallout New Vegas – console
Prey – Console, PC, and Cloud
Fury 2 – Console, PC, and Cloud
Wolfenstein: The New Order – Console, PC, and Cloud
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Console, PC, and Cloud
Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Console, PC, and Cloud

Microsoft bought Bethesda Softworks and its related studios for $ 7.5 billion (£ 5.85 billion). Xbox boss Phil Spencer first announced last September That company had entered into an agreement to acquire Zenimax Media – the parent company of Bethesda, ID Software, Arkane and other groundbreaking studios such as Skyrim, Fallout, Doom, Dishwond and DeathLoop.

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