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Apple Event 2021: rumored dates and all the new products to coming (WOW)

Are you excited about the upcoming Apple Event 2021? I am sure everyone is, we are not dumb 🙂 right. Well, the company, so far has not officially announced the Apple Event 2021 date however we have some details about the event, when it will happen, and what devices will be there on stage for the world. Let’s take a look at it.

apple event 2021
Image credit: EverythingApplePro

Here’s the latest update on the Apple event 2021 and a list of devices with their specifications that you could see coming.

Are you excited about the upcoming Apple Event 2021? I am sure everyone is, we are not dumb 🙂 right. Well, the company, so far has not officially announced the Apple Event 2021 date however we have some details about the event, when it will happen, and what devices will be there on stage for the world. Let’s take a look at it.

Apple Event 2021

Most leaks hint at the mid-September apple event 2021 (14 Sept) launching the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and AirPods 3 along with other products. We saw, last year, Apple scheduled product launch events in multiple months with a series of product events over digital platforms due to health pandemics across the world. Most companies were short of employees and production staff too. Though we are still expecting multiple launch events this year too, it will be more interesting to see new products coming now.


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Apple delayed the return of its staff from September 2021 to January 2022, it is more likely that the September event will be virtual too. The past events this year were also virtual events, where apple featured Apple Air Tag in April and Apple iMac in WWDC 2021 event happened in June. And it is expected that Apple will also hold an event in October or November this year after its September Apple Event 2021 and will reveal more products which could be MacBook Pro 14 inches and 16 inches along with iPad mini 6.

September Apple Event 2021: When it is occuring?

Last year Apple launched the iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro, Apple Watch 6 and M1 MacBooks in various online stages occurred between September 15 and November 10.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple will again come up with an online stage however with less occurrence of events and within the month of September only. Apple will schedule a series of Apple Event 2021 in September month only but with a series of launches splitter in this month only. We can’t comment much on the Digitimes report however this is the most accurate information that we have got so far.

This time around, we don’t see any delay in events and there seems to be not much shortage of employees and product staff this time. Apple will follow its normal way of launches and will reveal new devices together this time. One rumor suggests Apple Event 2021 happening on September 14 but we will see how accurate this rumor is. Again, there is no official note from Apple as of now however the usual pattern of Apple launching its iPhone occurs between Sept 10-Sept 15.

iPhone 13

apple event 2021
Image: EverythingApplePro

Apple’s September event is most popular due to new iPhone launches as the world waits for the new iPhone. Regarding iPhone, there are 4 models coming this time and all of them will have a small notch, a new faster A15 chip, will have a large battery, and a power 5G setup. iPhone 13 Pro may come up with 120Hz refresh rates, always-on-display, and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

There are plenty of more surprising rumors wondering on the planet. iPhone 13 lineup will have improved Face ID which will work with masks too, allowing users to use a mobile phone while wearing masks. This new feature will use the eye retina and eye scan of a user to allow them to use this feature. There are rumors that it will also have the capability to allow users to use display while wearing a glove. Apple has been testing this new technology for a while and we may see this in new products very soon.

Also, the new phone will have the capability to use satellite signals, letting mobile send text messages and phone calls without internet connections however we believe this will be an emergency feature only and will not be rolled out completely to use as a whole.

For photographers, the upcoming iPhone 13 will have an improved camera for better picture quality and video capturing.

Apple Launch Event 2021: What’s New For Apple Fans This Year?

Apple Watch 7

Image: Jon Prosser & Ian Zelbo

Personally, this is the next gadget, we are looking forward to, The Apple Watch 7 will be the best and most popular watch so far in the universe. There are fewer leaks as compared to iPhone 13 however having an improved Apple Watch 7 with better design will be a delight to watch, and yes, wear too.

Apple Watch 7 will come with a new design this time, its chassis will now come with a flat design rather than curved edges and we believe, it will follow iPhone 12 pattern. The apple watch 7 will feature a lamination technology that reduces the thinness of its display cover, it will be interesting to see how it will look.

As per various rumors heard so far, Apple Watch 7 will come with 41 and 45mm display sizes, which means it will be 1 mm larger than the previous Apple Watch 6. So when the size is larger then it tends to consume more battery, then Apple is bringing a new S7 processor in Apple Watch 7 which will boost the battery life and overall performance of the device.

Apple Watch 7 will come up with OS8, the latest OS for a wearable device released so far by Apple which brings new interactive alerts, great apps, various timer skins, digital key support, and more.

According to a note from Tomsguide, Apple Watch 7 could be delayed due to low production, and its availability to the world may be delayed. However, let’s see what Apple says about its availability in its launch events.

So what do you think about Apple Watch 7, which will be the most liked smartwatch on this planet? comment down below what you think about it.

AirPods 3

Image from: Gizmochina

Lastly, the AirPods 3 is also expected to launch in Apple Event 2021 occurring in September 2021. Apple AirPods3 will come with iOS 15, Dolby Atmos support, and Spatial audio capability which will provide a theatre-like experience. This may have a soothing sound system for your ears with frequency adjustments and notification alerts support with better music quality.

Apple Events: What’s next?

Apple’s festival season is imminent, with lots of new products starting from the most awaited iPhone 13, the most loved Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3, new Macbook Pros, iPad mini 6, and iPad 9. This all will be available to you and by the end of 2021, you will have them in your gadget box.

So, keep your eyes on us and we got our eyes on Apple events. Stay tuned !!

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