[100% Solved] Amp Web Story Is Invalid: Google Search Console Error

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Amp Web Story Is Invalid Google Search Console Error: If you ever had amp error related to a web story in your google search console then you are at the right place. We will provide step by step guidance to overcome this error in search console. This article will teach you how to fix it instantly. Keep reading this article further.

Amp Web Story Is Invalid

Let’s first of all understand why google search console throw this error. There may be many examples when this error will come however most popular instance is something, we are talking about below.

If there are other instances apart from our real example, then please do comment below to let us know your concern. We will help you fix that issue as well.

Why Google Search Console Throw ‘Amp Web Story Is Invalid’ Error?

There may be many examples and this error may come when you install AMP on your website for web stories. If you already have a web story plugin installed on your website, then you may see this error when you install AMP plugin on your website and the fix is very simple and quick. This error basically comes on WordPress websites. You can read our WordPress blog for other issues here.

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Setup Cloud Flare CDN first

If you installed AMP plugin with google web story plugin then you need to setup cloud flare CDN on your website to resolve this issue. If you don’t know how to setup Cloud Flare CDN then check this video below or check this article.

You should always consult an expert if you do not feel comfortable preforming these steps and an expert will perform these steps for you. If you can perform and are tech savvy, then go ahead and perform below step.

Steps to fix ‘Amp Web Story Is Invalid’

Once Cloud Flare is setup on your website then just perform 1 simple step and this error ‘Amp Web Story Is Invalid’ will vanish very quickly.

  • From Menu, Go to ‘Speed’ section or choose ‘Speed’ Section from left menu
  • Under ‘Speed’, Choose ‘Optimization’
  • Then move over to ‘AMP Real URL’ and turn this ‘ON’

image 7

When this is turned on, you need to wait few hours probably 12-24 to propagate this change. You can try indexing your web stories and ‘Amp Web Story Is Invalid’ error will go away.

We hope this article on ‘Amp Web Story Is Invalid’, has helped you resolve your issue, if so then follow us daily for more technical and non-technical updates.

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