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Amazon Quiz Time – Win Rs 25,000 is now LIVE. Be the first one to answer the quiz.

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Answers to Amazon Quiz Time – Win Rs 25,000

Q1. Which country recently became the first country in the world to receive vaccines under the UN backed covax scheme ?

Ans. Ghana 👍

Q2. Rashtra Pratham – 82 varshon ki swarnim Gatha is recently released book chronicling the history of which force ?

Ans. CRPF👍

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Q3. Elizabeth Ann is a clone of which endangered animal, created by scientists in the US ?

Ans. Black-footed ferret 👍

Q4. Which of these dishes found in the iconic paradise restaurant contains this fruit as the central ingredient ?

Ans. Qubani ka meetha 👍

Q5. When this letter was sent to Harry Potter, which family used to stay at the address mentioned in this letter ?

Ans. Dursleys 👍

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