Amazon Quiz This is a cosplay of a DC character named what?

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Amazon Quiz Time – 12 April 2021 (This is a cosplay of a DC character named what) is now LIVE. Be the first one to answer the quiz.

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Answers to Amazon Quiz Time Today – 12 April 2021 (This is a cosplay of a DC character named what)

Q1. According to the Hurun Global Rich List 2021, which country leads with the most number of billionaires at 1058?

Ans. China 👍

Q2. Hosting nearly 62,000 people, the Al Hol camp is one of the largest refugee camps in which conflict ridden country?

Ans. Syria 👍

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Q3. Which is the first dedicated commercial mission of NewSpace India Limited?

Ans. Amazonia-1 👍

Q4. This is a cosplay of a DC character, named what?

Ans. Diana 👍

Q5. Which technology company produces this product?

Ans. Microsoft 👍

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