Do you know – After which business groups founder is the city of Jamshedpur named?

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Do you know – After which business groups founder is the city of Jamshedpur named?

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How to Play Flipkart Quiz

1.. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign in to the Flipkart App.

3. Open Games Section in the app & Find Daily Trivia Contest

4. There will be a total of 5 questions

5. Answer all Daily Trivia Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 5 June 2021

Q1: USSR’s Luna programme was about sending robotic spacecraft missions to _____.

Answer 1: Moon

Q2: In China, which fish was a symbol of fortune, and could only be owned by the Song Dynasty?

Answer 2: Goldfish

Q3: Which company recently, unveiled the electric pickup truck Cybertruck?

Answer 3: Tesla

Q4: After which business group’s founder is the city of Jamshedpur named?

Answer 4: Tata

Q5: Geographically, which state is the largest of the seven sisters of Northest India?

Answer 5: Arunachal Pradesh

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